100x Legal Herbal Incense 3g



WARNING: This is an extremely potent blend.

Elevate your senses with 100x Legal, the newest extreme strength herbal incense in our collection of high quality, mood-boosting incense blends. You won’t want to miss the fun and relaxation that it can bring you and your friends, no matter if you are beginners or veteran incense collectors.

Since we launched 100x Legal recently, orders are coming in, indicating that customers love it. However, we warn that this product isn’t for the faint-hearted; it’s best to put just a little of it in your incense burner first before adding more of it for aromatherapy.

Effects, including relaxation and mind calming, can last a couple of hours. So if you’re tired at work or your day is undesirably stressful, try 100x Legal! It will help you relieve your worries by filling the air

with cool, pungent and strong incense aroma that will truly awaken your senses and make you feel good of almost everything. See some positive light in your life with the happiness that this incense can bring.

This product is legal to ship in over 40 countries in the world.

Just like all legal highs in Europe we sell here, 100x Legal is not for human consumption. We’re not liable for any consequential damage, harm or loss following misuse. Keep this product out of children and pet’s reach for their safety.


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