Buy Dimethylphenidate Stimulant



Buy Dimethylphenidate Stimulant
IUPAC: (R,R)-(+)-Methyl 2-phenyl-2-(2-piperidyl)acetate
CAS: 837122-21-7
Molecular Formula: C14H19NO2
Molecular Weight: 233.31
Form: Powder

Buy Dimethylphenidate stimulant EP analogue
Dimethylphenidate bears many chemical similarities to a central nervous system legal stimulant called Methylphenidate. Dimethylphenidate stimulant is been created to be an analogue of Ethylphenidate.Methylphenidate is currently a prescription medication commonly used all over the world to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – you might know it by its brand names Ritalin, Ritalin-SR, Metadate CD and Concerta in the US, and PMS-Methylphenidate or Riphenidate in Canada. DP is an analogue with the same affects as ethylphenidate (EP) .

Dimethylphenidate research chemical stumulant has itself been around as ‘Raistilin’ or ‘Raist’ and ‘DP’. It is a much more potent CNS stimulant than Ritalin, and is often a recreational drug, either consume in pill form, smoke, snorte or injecte.

Effects are noticeable at dosages as low as 10 mg, whilst 500 mg is considerable a lethal overdose for someone without a substantial tolerance.

Dimethylphenidate (DP) is a potentially dangerous research chemical, and is not suitable for consumption by humans. It is for laboratory use only.

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