Lemon Haze CO2 Vape Cartridge



Lemon haze CO2 vape cartridge Sativa – Lemon Haze Pure ONE CO2 Cartridge
THC: 85.81%, CBD: 0.29%. Our triple distilled concentrate delivers the cleanest and highest potency oil that bursts with natural terpenes.

Lemon haze CO2 vape cartridge

At Pure Vape we are a team of perfectionists.While creating Pure One our mission was to deliver an experience that would raise the bar and establish the highest standard on the market.
Today we are excited to announce that the search for the ideal cartridge is over.
Please meet the One, the only … Pure One.
-Triple Distilled Oil
-10x more vapor
– Next generation ceramic cartriges
– Healthiest vaporizing teschnology
– no oil to coil burning
– Full Terpene Profile
– Extreme Potency
– Superior taste

It is more clear, transparent and yes more THC potent than ever before. Free of glycol, glycerin or solvents we offer the true cannabis taste of full bodied terpene profile strains to enhance and compliment the therapeutic effects of cannabis while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction .

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5 1g Cartridges @ 55.00  275.00, 10 1g Cartridges @ 50.00  500.00, 15 1g Cartridges @ 45.00  675.00, 20 1g Cartridges @ 40.00  800.00