Oasis Clear CO2 Cartridge Jack Herer



Oasis Clear CO2 Cartridge Jack Herer is pure, unadulterated, 100% CO2 oil cartridges combine the cleanest THC oil available with the most efficient and discreet delivery system on the market today.

The overwhelming majority of vape pens use vegetable glycerin or a similar substance to dilute the pure oil into a more easily vaped form. While diluting the oil is perfectly safe when done correctly, the additives reduce the potency and dramatically change the flavor. The CLEAR cartridges are pure oil with a clean and fresh taste that best represent the flavor of the cannabis flower from which it’s derived. Free Oasis Vape Pen and charger with first gram donation.

The CLEAR cartridges is simply phenomenal in terms of potency and discretion. Reported to be around 84% THC, it’s a bit of a creeper and takes a few minutes to fully set in, but once settled a nice soothingly warm and calming feeling with envelope your mind and body.

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4 Cartridges @ 50.00  200.00, 7 Cartridges @ 45.00  315.00, 10 Cartridges @ 40.00  400.00, 20 Cartridges @ 35.00  700.00