What Our Clients Say

“I knew nothing about marijuana when I called Marijuana Meds Store. It is now my medicine of choice, and I am educated as to all aspects of it. I now feel comfortable that I am doing the best thing for my body, and have stopped taking most of my pain medication.”

Micheal K.

“For years I have lived with severe pain from a work accident. The only thing that alleviates my pain and numbness is marijuana. With Marijuana Meds Store, I am now able to legally order the medicine that works for me. It was surprisingly quick and easy, and well worth the money.”

Angela T.

“I have suffered from debilitating migraines since I was a teen. Now that I have a medical marijuana prescription, I can buy safe, legal natural medicine from a licensed grower. My headaches have been greatly reduced, and I’m feeling better then ever. The strain advice I received from the experts at Michigan Weed Farm has made choosing the right kind easy.”

Alexis M.

“OMG! I did not believe when I contact an agent at Marijuana Meds Store that my order will be shipped to my address, was just giving it a try. placed an order for Sour Diesel and some other strains and in less than 24hours my Package was delivered to my Address, highly discrete packaging. I must confess that you guys are professional and know how to handle the business. I have recommended some of my friends and they came back with even more exciting experiences. “

Whitney G.

“While searching on the internet about how to get medical cannabis for my severe pain from an accident, I was discouraged with all the outdated information. After contacting Michigan Weed Farm, I was able to relax while they took care of the details. Thanks again.”
Grant W.

“After completing this process, and getting my first medical marijuana order, I can honestly say that it was very easy. All my questions were answered in a clear, concise manner. Thanks to Marijuana Meds Store for a job well done. “
Erin P.

“Thank you Marijuana Meds Store for making really good choices for me, for my medical marijuana. I am doing way more housework and gardening than I have done for years, and I hardly have any pain. I appreciate your help and the time you put in to help me.”
– Carole